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Megan (duchess)

You are awesome and beautiful and I love your dress!

Molly Jackson

Go girl, go! Absolutely every species comes in a range of sizes, shapes and phenotypes. Humans are no different, and our job is simply to keep our vehicles HEALTHY so they can DO what we need them to, and enjoy the amazing feats of biology that they are! Acceptance of one's body is unfortunately rare in our current culture, and for someone to think the could squash the entire emotional, physical and mental journey that leads to self-acceptance with one cowardly comment-- Absurd! They obviously haven't met Ms. Arya yet.;) You are everything you are supposed to be- No more, no less, no squishier, no firmer! Lots of love and appreciation for your fearlessness!

Avantika Nirupama

The basic comment created another comment inside me : Sweetheart, you are not truthful, you are rude. My daughter's 5 year old friend would have said, "You are mean". And the list is endless. I am so thankful to you to bring this conversation out so that the person who wrote the comment might be curious about himself and want to know what in him led that person to write what they wrote. Did it help them in any way? Did they have a moment of joy because they wrote this way? Has someone put them down like that?

Avantika Nirupama

Oops, I assumed this was a man writing. Apologies. Could be a woman too. I do not know. Please change the himself in my comment to himself/herself.


It is obvious this person has been taught that THEY cannot be your size (and you seem small to me from the pic I see!)so they feel the need to share with you their internal angst..."I'm not allowed to feel good about myself at your size, why should YOU get that luxury??!" That comment came from a place of anger. Jealousy. Period.


Thanks Megan and Molly!

Avantika - you are, as always, wise. I do sometimes wonder what prompts certain behaviors. I am thankful for the introspection that the comment spurred in me, and can only hope that it is inciting such self-study in others, as well.

Paula - It is interesting, isn't it? I wear a size small, and there's really nothing large about me (except my personality!), so I really couldn't fathom a purpose for calling me fat other than to attempt to hurt my feelings. Which is ludicrous. Anyway, my hope with this event on Friday is that anyone who participates will be filled with gratitude for their wonderful bodies, and that others will be inspired to appreciate their own bodies, too.

Shay Moore

I just love you, Arya. You are inspiring and wonderful. I will definitely be participating!


I hope you don't mind but I made a post regarding this one and I added the badge to the bottom of my blog, more people need to read this :)

Mrs Amber Apple

You are awesome! Thank you for posting about this and not letting this troll get to you! I hope you have a lovely day!


@ Julietslace - My hope is that readers will spread the word! Take a badge, write a post, let's make a big demonstration of positive body image! Thank you *so* much for sharing the message!

@ Mrs. Amber Apple - Thanks! I *am* having a lovely day. It's my birthday, and I'm being treated to whatever activities I want. It's heavenly!


That photo is just awesome! I love the beautiful woman, the pretty dress, the feminine shoes and the CAMO backpack in the background!

That just screams "Today's Woman!"

It's been a long and ongoing journey for me too and plenty of people still try to ruin my day with criticisms and internet/RL trolling. Small pathetic creatures that don't deserve your thought or your time. :D

You are truly beautiful.


I made a very short post with a backlink to your blog, I have been meaning to write on this in recent times. I was recently attacked by a troll on my youtube. He/she took my images and made a video of me in a jungle with bananas, and made multiple comments on my videos calling me racial slurs. It was amazing to say the least. I also have been attacked due to my size, I also refused to be shamed. Enough is enough. I will post more later and spread the word on my blog and twitter. Great post


You are adorable. People are so rude! I will prepare a post shortly! :)


What matters is what's in your heart and what you share with others. Negitivity and bullying will only leave you an empty heart and an empty life.


This is a great idea! I'm a little late in finding this blog to do anything on April 15 but I'm planning a post about it! Thank-you for sharing this so eloquently <3


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Heather Phillips

What a GREAT BLOG! SO glad I found it, and that sweater you wearing is to die for. Not my color, but so beautifully structured it was instantly jealous/inspired. Great compliment for a style blog, right?

Thanks for promoting the shame-free message. It means the world to all of us.

Heather Phillips

Ugh! Please feel free to edit my previous post for grammer errors and missing pronouns, etc. (That's what I get for speed-posting!)

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